When Gangs Attacked The Casino

Casinos have long been the victims of organized crime. When the casino was not a magnificent money-laundering machine, it could be emptied with sometimes ubiquitous plans which worked and which became matter to fill the dark rooms of the whole world. Literature and cinema have made these bandits true heroes. Even if it is more moral to rob the rich than to rob the granny and her savings, we cannot praise what is illegal. However, we are going to tell you how two different gangs swindled casinos and this time without going through hackers and computer network breaches.

The cheating gang or the stroller technique

Often, the casinos are discreet when they are made get, but when they catch the crooks, they send a message to all the criminals and other small, clever “not of that at home.” It is also a challenge to all aces. The two amateurs turned out to be pros with false papers. The cheating gang has operated for years and never knows how to get caught. They preferred to hang up before being caught. Their technique was ingenious because they were not based solely on the dexterity and speed of the pusher. They tried to master the external parameters as much as possible. Needless to say, to last, this gang was made up of a talented pusher. The problem they quickly encountered was their notoriety with casinos. If a player wins 100,000 dollars as soon as he settles down at a roulette table, he will arouse suspicion and therefore focus the attention of all the casino staff. And even the best pusher in the world cannot achieve its gesture by focusing attention. The trick found by the gang is simply worthy of a Hollywood film.

They never got caught, and they knew how to stop when this life tired them. They took more pleasure in cheating to win money. And it was becoming dangerous, not with the proliferation of cameras, but because habit could make them less vigilant. For the cameras, they didn’t care. By the time the security guard could see the subterfuge, he was already outside. The speed of execution, the counter-information launched by the accomplices, made it difficult to identify the technique used. In the worst case, the guard had to rewind – at the time, it was tape cassettes – look, check. They knew the casino world so well that they knew when the casino operator had doubts. In these cases, they quietly left the casino. You could say that this gang is legendary and that it rarely speaks to the press. One of the members would now be a magistrate! It is not known how long they have practiced and how much they have gained. According to them, pushers still exist, and if arrests are rare, it is simply because they are good.…